Sign up today for the EXACT Advantage Program! Keeps your system working at peak efficiency with our routine maintenance program. EAP is designed to save you money in the long term. The benefit to becoming a EAP member is catching maintenance problems early, before they get too costly, while keeping your system running smoothly.

Maintenance plans always include a 15% discount on repairs and priority status for emergency service calls. Plans can also include:

Clean, level and calibrate the thermostat

Remove and wash blower fan assembly

Wash condenser coil and evaporator coil

Lubricate all moving parts

Test all safety controls and devices

Test, secure and tighten all electrical connections and terminals

Test humidifier operation and set damper, switches and valves

Clean heat exchanger, burners, and pilot assemblies

Inspect flue assembly and burners

Inspect and clean blower compartment

Activate heating or cooling systems

Test all motors, starting capacitors, run capacitors and potential relays

Test, measure and record operating temperature and pressures

Test for gas leaks at the furnace

Provide a complete written analysis of our findings along with recommendations

Benefits of EAP

Two Annual Maintenance Visits - One in Spring and Another in Fall

Receive Priority Service Over Non-Plan Customers

Flexible Appointment Times to Fit YOUR Schedule

Keep Manufacturer Warranties Valid

Reduce Your System Breakdowns

Increase The Efficiency Of Units & Reduce Energy Costs

Improve Your Home Comfort

Increase the Reliability of Your Equipment

Enjoy a 15% Discount on Heating and Cooling Repairs

Get a 10% Discount on Air Quality Products (Such as Air Cleaners, Filters and Humidifiers)

Also Receive a 5% Discount on New Heating & Cooling Equipment.

To enroll or renew your Maintenance Agreement, contact our team today!